Frost Gaming RGB LED Backlit Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Frost Gaming RGB LED Backlit Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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  • The mechanical keyboard is a high-performance Flash single-chip, supports USB2.0 (full speed 12Mbps) transmission mode, control, interrupt and batch data transmission functions, fast response speed.

    The MCU Hardware Parameters
    1. High-speed, willow-structure microcontroller core.
    2. Power consumption control supports idle mode and sleep mode
    3. Internal RAM data memory.
    4.16K*8BIT FLASH Program processor
    5. Operating Voltage:VDD=3.3V –5.5V.

    Rainbow Backlit Mode
    You can change the 9 backlit modes by pressing FN+INS.
    You can adjust the backlit brightness by pressing FN+↑/↓.
    You can adjust the backlit breathing speed by pressing FN+← /→.

    Function Keys
    【FN+F1】=CD F【N+F2】= Volume-【 FN+F3】= Volume+
    【FN+F4】 = Mute 【FN+F5 】= CD Stop 【FN+F6】 = Prev Track
    【FN+F7】 = Play / Pause 【FN+F8】= Next Track 【FN+F9】= Email
    【FN+F10】 = IE 【FN+F11】= Computer 【FN+F12 】= Calculator
    【FN+W】=Direction switch W S A D=↑ ↓ ← →
  • Mechanical shaft body: Use dust-proof mechanical blue switch, which is the representative shaft in the mechanical keyboard. Has a strong sense of paragraph and mechanical sense. The key trigger path is 2.4mm, the sound is crisp, and the rhythm is strong, which is very suitable for game players and office use.
  • Full-key RGB rainbow LED backlight: The keyboard is a 104-key full-key backlit keyboard. The light mode can be switched by the FN+INS key, the brightness can be adjusted by the FN+/ keys, and the speed can be adjusted by the FN+/ keys. There are 9 modes such as "Breath Mode", "Diffusion Mode" and "Horse Race Mode" waiting for you to explore.
  • Suspension type two-color injection keycap: Adopt suspension mechanical shaft design and dustproof keycap, it is easy for you to clean the keyboard. The U-shaped keycap adapts to the fingertips, and the ergonomically designed high and low key positions bring you a comfortable feeling and reduce fatigue after long-term use. Full key anti-ghosting.
  • Brushed metal waterproof panel: The keyboard panel is a brushed metal panel with a simple and stylish silver design. It also has multiple hydrophobic pores. Even if liquid accidentally splashes into the keyboard during use, the liquid will naturally flow out and take care of your keyboard.
  • Plug-and-play multi-function system: no need to install any software, just plug in and use. Compatible systems: WIN XP/7/8/10, MAC 10.2 or higher.